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Best Business Law Firms in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Here's our pick for the best recommended business lawyers and law firms in Dhaka:

1. Jural Acuity [B&A Member]

Jural Acuity is specialized in General Commercial, Investment & Corporate Practice. Their practice areas comprises mainly of Corporate & Foreign Direct Investment, Commercial Litigation, Business Setup, Taxation & Telecommunication Law.

2. Barrister Shajib Mahmood Alam [B&A Member]

Barrister Shajib Mahmood Alam is a lawyer in Dhaka, Bangladesh providing reliable legal services. Starting as a lawyer in Uttara, later he became a founding partner at a leading law firm in Gulshan, Dhaka and is known as a successful & regular practitioner at Dhaka courts.

3. S Hossain & Associates [B&A Member]

S Hossain & Associates is a full service law firm Bangladesh aiming to provide honest, effective, timely and bonafide legal services to its clients.

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