Law Firm in Dhaka – How to find the best law firm for you

Finding a law firm or a lawyer in Dhaka can be tricky! Most clients from the jurisdiction report facing significant difficulties in finding the right legal practitioner on several occasions. The key reasons identified by many are listed below:

  • Most firms/lawyers identify themselves as either “full service” or “one stop solution” law firms
  • Most firms can be classified as “general practitioners” as opposed to other countries where lawyers focus on more identifiable practice areas
  • Lack of use of technology by lawyers making them difficult to find by potential clients
  • Lack of availability of publicly available registry of lawyers apart from few associations
  • Lack of uniformity in terms of billing policies and practices
  • Lack of transparency in terms of experience and actual expertise in any given area

The above reasons make it difficult for clients to find the best lawyer for their case resulting is waste of time and resources. The B&A Legal Guide team works tirelessly to provide the best possible list of lawyers in Bangladesh based on practice areas, experience and reviews.

Potential clients are welcome to use our search engine to find the right lawyer for their legal needs. Below are a few of our publications for this jurisdiction:

The above article is produced based on reviews of clients and surveys conducted by the B&A Legal Guide Team

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